This FAQs page will give you step by step instruction for MemKpr

1) After you complete your Signup you will be sent two email acknowledgements of your membership.  Both emails will take a few minutes to arrive, one from MemKpr and the other from CloudMe.  Your CloudMe account will be your storage space to save and collect your vast collection of photos and documents.  Your email from MemKpr will let you activate your new Family Tree account.  Depending on the Internet traffic you should receive both emails within 15 minutes.  If the emails are delayed any longer than that please send an email to: requesting Activation Help.

2) Signing up for MemKpr is just the very first step in the collection and organization of your family pictures, documents, audio and video. We recommend you start by being the first member to be added into your new MemKpr account.

3) Let's get started.  After you sign in with your User name and Password you will be on the MemKpr start page.  Click on this link to access a set of teaching videos to help you get started: