Ray 1958 - 1961
June 02, 1939
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Age 18 - 21

After graduating Catalina High School in 1957 my interest was in continuing my Sign Business in the Tucson, area.  I was making great money as a teenager and really enjoyed painting signs and enjoying my extra free time.

Over the summer of 1957 I even had enough time to work part time as a Life Guard at a popular Tucson Swimming Pool and enjoyed the delights of protecting all swimmers.  Especially the cute ones.

A summer romance blossomed with a young lady named Sandy, a Junior, who I met back at Catalina H.S after I graduated to collect some needed credits to attend the U of A.

During that summer getting to know Sandy and her mom and dad allowed for a revaluation in why I was not planning on a higher education.  Just so happened that Sandy's mom was head of the Anthropology department at the U of A and well known in the community. 

I should have known that any college professor would only want the best for her daughter.  No one from my family had ever attended college.  My grandparents on both sides were Polish Emigrants who arrived in America in the early nineteen hundreds. 

The Saga will continue . . . 

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