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Stella Majecki Zukowski  MEMORIES


My mother Stella was a very special lady and always had encouraging words not only for me but for everyone she met.  My first serious memory of a discussion I had with her was when I was four years old during the WWII war years.  I can still see us standing in the hall bathroom on the third floor of 1242 Pinchot Pl. Bronx, NY.  I was dressed in my favorite Navy uniform with my white sailor cap and mom was explaining the very serious rubber war drive and the need for everyone to make a sacrifice to help win the war.  Asking how I could help, she explained my rubber pacifier would help win the war.  Wait a minute, my most favorite 4 year old friend could help win the war?  Ouch, this would be difficult, but winning the war had to be done, so reluctantly, I pulled it from my lips handed it to mom and we won the war over Europe a few months later in 1943. 

Polish Polka Time.  For eleven years during the 50's and 60's mom had a her own Sunday Morning 11AM Radio Program.  Click on the link below the video on the left to hear what it sounded like.


I will continue to tell more of my mothers story just as soon as I have more time.  At this moment I'm trying to enter a little for each of my family members to help get MemKpr's launched.


     Ray Zukowski